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Think of Feng Shui as Maintenance

Not to toot your own horn or anything, BUT things are flowing well for you now – finances, creative projects, work endeavors, support from your community, your relationship is great, and you’re getting in more steps each day than you ever thought imaginable…and you’re enjoying every bit of it.

Do you feel a little bit like you’re juggling plates, though?

As much as you practice your mindfulness, strive to focus on the positive, and write in your gratitude journal; it’s hard to quiet that little voice inside your head that wonders, “when is this all going to drop?”

You believe wholeheartedly in the mind-body connection; after all you’ve subscribed to every Oprah and Deepak meditation retreat that you can get your hands on.

What’s stopping you from believing in the mind-body-environment connection?

Let’s MAINTAIN your success and EXPAND IT by working all of the levers accessible to us.

Otherwise, you’re limiting your true potential, and as a truth seeker and thought leader why would you do that?

I see a lot of clients confused about HOW to incorporate Feng Shui into their lives.

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Madeline Anne Lewis, Author of Finding Your Best Inside, on the Success 4 Women TV Talk Show.

In our playful discussion we just tipped the iceberg of some of the more popular Feng Shui misconceptions and practices that take away the overwhelm and give you action steps that you can take.

One of the most popular and most humorous topics I get asked is, “Why is it so important to Feng Shui practitioners that we keep the toilet lid down, and how can you please train my husband and boys to do follow that rule?”

Most people answer their own question, before I answer. Don’t give that energy you’ve been working so hard at creating any accidental invitation to go Right Down the Drain.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I give up. That project is in the toilet” or something along those lines? Maybe you keep asking yourself, “why am I so drained?”

The draining away of energy, life force energy or chi, is not a good thing.

Also, on the practical level, is it pretty to look at an open toilet lid? Um, no. If you simply cannot keep that lid down, close the door; better yet, put a mirror on the outside of that door.

Pay special attention to this flusher of chi if you can see your bathroom from the entryway or from where you work, sleep, dine or cook.

With that message in mind, go forth and maintain your chi!

Many blessings x9!

Lisa Alban

Red-Ribbon level Feng Shui consultant

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