Are you frustrated that your company isn’t hitting goals, and no one seems excited to be at work?
Stagnant growth and employees that lack productivity are a clear sign that the energy in your office needs to shift. 


Modern Feng Shui for Business takes a holistic approach to your goals and company culture.  Long gone are the days of endless cubicles and water cooler small talk. 
To reach your ambitious goals and create a company culture that excites your employees and allows them to be as productive as possible takes Feng Shui science and ancient wisdom. 
Imagine walking into your office to employees excited to be there, ready to use their talents to meet the quarters’ goals. 
Meetings are productive and clients comment on how they love coming to your office. 
You’re not only meeting goals but exceeding them with ease.  This is the company you dreamed about years ago. 
The company where you’re leading a team of brilliant people and changing the world.
Everything from your company branding to individual office desk space can be designed to take your business to the next level. 
The Modern Feng Shui Process


After an email introduction & payment of $ we schedule your Modern Feng Shui Assessment.

During our assessment we’ll discuss your goals and frustrations with your business right now. 

You’ll guide me virtually through your office or schedule an in-person appointment, and I'll assess your property inside and out as we work through stagnant areas and how you want your office to feel. 


I’ll take our recorded call and my photos and build a comprehensive plan for your goals and the feel you want using Modern Feng Shui techniques of energy, color, and nature.


 I’ll create a report with all my ideas and “cures” for your business. I also create a Pinterest board for inspiration.

All of the material is then sent via DropBox for you to keep.


Once you’ve gone through the material we meet vitally again to answer questions. 

From here we can discuss working in more detail on a specific project or if you need additional support in implementing the Feng Shui cures.

Lee Silverstein, VP Consulting Services

I had the pleasure of seeing Lisa in action presenting a workshop. I found it very enlightening and informative. If you're looking for ways to do more, feel more energy, be more productive and just feel like you're accomplishing more in your day-to-day, you should certainly reach out to Lisa.

Mike Lavallee, CEO of Triple M Media Productions

I used Cloud 9 Feng Shui business services for my business foundations, marketing, social media and website. I had the pleasure of working with Lisa. She's professional, one of the funniest people you'll ever meet, and she's very good at what she does. She informed me about what elements I need to maximize to feel most supported. My business feels like a magnet attracting success. It's easier to sleep at night knowing that I'll meet my financial goals.

Bill Waas, Executive Director

Thank you so much for presenting to our Group. The feedback from the meeting was amazing, you had them in the palm of your hand.

You can continue to be frustrated with your employees for not making benchmarks and wondering what’s missing in your business.


Or you can schedule an assessment today and in a matter of weeks see and feel the difference in having thrilled employees and an office environment that promotes growth. 


Fill out the form below to apply for an assessment.

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