Recalibrate Your Chi
Are you ready to feel lit and inspired in your business and life?
I know that you’re trying hard and doing all of the things you’re “supposed” to do.
  • I see you cultivating a space that is your sanctuary.

  • Practicing meditation. All the types of meditation.​

  • Reading and studying anything you can get your hands on about gratitude and manifestation.

  • You’re living a high-vibe life, and seeking to know all there is to know about your life force energy and guarding it fiercely.

  • You are navigating life with an ease and flow through all of life’s uncertainties.

  • Your crystals and essential oil collections are, dare I say, overflowing.

The only way to discover the limits of the impossible is to go beyond the impossible.

-Arthur C. Clarke

And, yet...



You just can’t seem to move at a pace that FEELS fulfilling.

Where’s your circle where you can share your goals, your success, your interests?

If this describes you, you’re invited to join the

Feng Shui for Momentum Collective

A collaboration of like-minded thought leaders and seekers.

As a Feng Shui professional, I’ve been deeply enjoying my follow-up conversations with my client family, and I can easily draw so many connections between each of these unique stars.


In fact, I am a strong believer in people and opportunities presenting themselves into our lives at the Exact. Right. Time.

My heart is full, and so is my calendar, but I have so much to give and I can’t let go of the pure gold that I discover in these meaningful conversations, and

I want to share this gold with you.

In these continuous bi-weekly Zoom calls, we are going to recalibrate your life force energy.

Using my support and guidance, you will achieve your goals and live your best life:

With more purpose.

A faster flow of success.

And greater joy.

In each Zoom call we’ll set the stage, clear your space and your life force ("chi") so you can allow and receive exactly what you need to expand with fullness.

We’ll consult ancient wisdom and integrate modern applications.

Because, after all, we’re living in a modern world; filled with distractions, fast-paced decision-making, and a practical lens.

We’ll riff on practical and spiritual tools.

Each call will leave you with “a-ha moments.”


I will raise you to your 100% life force.

Leaving you feeling empowered, inspired, and with better clarity; better able to view and appreciate life’s synchronicities and affirmations that you are indeed on your own authentic and wonderful path.

And we'll have a blast!

Like I said, the gold is in the moments that can't be planned, the moments we really flow in our conversation, and it all comes full-circle.

Tiffany, Photographer

It was clear that Lisa had not only a vision but a knack for knowing Feng Shui so internally that she could help gently teach me in a way that I would not feel like an idiot when I asked questions or had unsolicited suggestions.

Jerri, Art Gallery Owner

 I highly recommend Lisa Alban and Cloud 9 Feng Shui for anyone who is looking for support in boosting their results - whether business or personal.

Theresa, Doctor

I own 2 chiropractic offices that see many different types of patients. I was feeling like the energy was all over the place and not conducive to healing. Lisa jumped right in with a detailed evaluation of each location. She brought wonderful ideas, easy ways to implement those ideas, and support with finding vendors to help me achieve a very balanced feeling. I would definitely recommend her services!!

While I'm a certified professional and a director/ teacher of a gold standard school as designated by the International Feng Shui Guild, I am not a magician or a prophet. 

I am a student of life, like each of you. Each of us are born with the secret ingredients of Intention and Intuition.

Let's wake them up!

As a Projector, identified in Human Design, my purpose in life is to guide others. I am a continual seeker, and I've trained with the best of the best. 

I am a third generation Feng Shui practitioner, trained by James and Helen Jay, who were blessed to train directly with Grandmaster Professor Professor Lin Yun. Sadly, Lin Yun has since passed away, but not his legacy. James and Helen taught me the esteemed rituals, directly handed down by Professor. I credit them with enhancing my intuitive design abilities as well. They fine-tuned my rudimentary divination skills using dowsing and the ancient I Ching.

My mentor and partner in the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui, Steve Kodad, joins me on furthering our own education in advanced meditation, breathing, yoga, plants, crystals, and so on. Steve taught me all there is to know about Feng Shui as it relates to cures for Real Estate transactions and staging.

Having received training in Black Sect Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui, I also studied with a local shaman, and have journeyed several times using drum beats. Music can take you there, raise the vibe, and nourish our lives in more ways than we can imagine.

Another dear friend and mentor who has blessed my life greatly is the esteemed Miriam Divinsky. She is a Certified Spiritual Dowser, and a Nationally and Internationally Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. Miriam has been downloading me on her protocols used in spiritual dowsingIn return, I am exchanging mine with her.


All the things we need to learn in life we receive at the exact right time.

I'm able to grasp ahold of life's synchronicities and voice them in a way that we all will learn and grow at an advanced pace.

I have invested thousands of dollars and hours in my training.

At any given time my gifts may be shared or bestowed upon you.

Each of you will have your own file in my Feng Shui database, receiving personal energy from me.

So, leave your ego at the door and join this high-vibe, safe environment.

Fill out this contact form, and let’s get started!


You’ll be invited to join a private group on Facebook.

Calls are hosted and recorded for playback every other

Friday at 2pm EST (11am West Coast).

Cost of Membership is $36/month.

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

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