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Ready to take your Feng Shui knowledge to the next level?


Learn the secrets behind the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui.

The Intrinsic School of Feng Shui for beginners.  

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You’ve read the books, watched YouTube videos, and read every article you could get your hands on….


And yet Feng Shui still feels like a secret club you don’t quite know the password to.  


The elements of Feng Shui you’ve implemented (maybe the prosperity corner or getting rid of clutter) have kinda worked.  But never as good as people claim they should.  How are others getting such amazing results?


What are you missing?


Feng Shui is so much more than putting a coin by your door or clearing space. 


The real magic happens when you understand the ancient intention behind WHY they work.  


I’m inviting you into the secret Feng Shui club to learn the wisdom and process to use Feng Shui in your own home, life, and to achieve the goals you dream about.

You’ll learn and experience why Feng Shui works and how to apply it to your modern-day life in a way that is supportive of your goals and personal style.  


Cutting clutter and placing crystals is only the beginning.  For Feng Shui to truly support you, join the club and learn the secrets that bring Feng Shui to life.


In this 4-week course fuel your passion for Feng Shui and learn how to use Feng Shui to achieve your goals. 


It will crack the secrets of the ancients for you to dive in and gain the knowledge to do Feng Shui “cures” on your own.

Stop wasting time google searching and wading through books.  In this course, you’ll cut to the heart of what makes Feng Shui work and how you can harness the power.  

Before downloading another freebie that doesn’t work, apply to join the course.  The answers you seek are within.  
Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve taken a Feng Shui course already, what’s different about yours?
There are lots of courses and schools to choose from.  What sets our school apart is how to apply the ancient teachers in today's world.  
Today’s world is fast-paced, clutter filled, and time short.  
The secrets to Modern Feng Shui lie in understanding how energy works, how color affects our senses, and how nature supports our balance.  These are the three pillars we teach in our school.  

What type of Feng Shui is this?  
We focus our lessons on Form School (also called Landform School). It is the oldest form of Feng Shui, and is always our first reference. 
We also deep-dive into BTB Feng Shui, also called Westernized Feng Shui, or Black Sect Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui. 
We spend a great deal of time exploring the power of intention and intuition, ancient folklore, reviewing science (we love science!) and modern applications.

Do you use a compass?  
We each carry a compass in our toolkit, but we do not use it to practice Compass School Feng Shui. We use it to be aware of  directions as it relates to sun, shade, and we also take into consideration a broad mileage view around the plot of land we're assessing.
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