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Ever wish you could have balance and abundance in your life?

Well, that’s what I do...

Lisa Alban, at your service!

I take a modern approach to Feng Shui so your home or business reflects your personality while still aligning the energy. 


With this philosophy, I help purpose-driven thought leaders transform their space from stagnant to a thriving and peaceful oasis.


One that avoids…

Superficial one size fits all “cures”


Making your home feel like the Spicy Dragon. 


Your resource guide to all things Feng Shui. 


Instead, we start with your goals and how you want to feel.  Then co-create together with the ancient wisdom to build a peaceful oasis that opens the flow to abundance and prosperity.  


Because modern Feng Shui should take into account today’s world and culture. 

My Story...

Confession time, allowing the flow of abundance and connecting to my environment didn’t always come easily to me.  


When I was young, I saw the flow and connection.  I’d move things around my room and I’d sleep better or I’d feel more at home. 


I saw my creativity soar when my studio was set a certain way.


I always paid attention to how things felt and allowed flow.  Always intuitively.


But it wasn’t until I tried to sell my home in 2013 that I realized I was missing something.  I’d done everything I thought I needed, and I thought it felt good.

But it sat on the market, no showings, no interest.  NOTHING.


I called a Feng Shui expert that I trusted, the renowned Steve Kodad.  With his simple cures, I changed a few things.  

Within 24 hours I got a full price offer.  


Feng Shui showed me what I was missing. 

Mind, body, AND environment need to be aligned.  


As a family, we began noticing nature and rhythms more.  We found routines within our family that allowed abundance, clarity, and peace to flow in our home.


I realized Feng Shui can make massive shifts with seemingly simple cures.  And I instantly knew my life’s path and passions were leading me to my purpose, helping others align with Feng Shui.  


After becoming certified I co-created the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui with Feng Shui Real Estate Expert, Steve Kodad.  It’s not just a DIY course but a full tool kit on how to start a business helping others with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the reset button on life.  It clears away the clutter and negative energy so you can see opportunities and abundance all around you. 
It allows you to connect back to yourself and your intuition.

Maybe your journey looks less intuitive than mine and more like:


  • Never making a dent in your never-ending to-do list.

  • Having money go out faster than it comes in.

  • Never getting a good night’s sleep and thinking maybe you just need a new mattress.

  • Fighting about the same issue with your spouse but never really resolving it.

  • Struggling to lead your employees in a way that inspires them.


The lesson is the same:  Your environment isn’t supporting your goals.


The Goal: How can your environment and the energy around you support you and your goals for a peaceful, abundant oasis?



The story doesn’t end there. 

In just over a year I went from no clients to a thriving consistent list of clients all from referrals. 

My burning focus always remains:

How does the environment affect a person’s needs and wants? 

How can I use my strengths and zone of genius to get them what they want? 

My modern approach to Feng Shui:


By bringing balance, beauty, and prosperity to your environment we shed chaos, anxiety and dread.  Allowing space to reach your personal and professional goals.

LeeAnne Beard.jpg

LeeAnne, Manager

The report is amazingly thorough and enlightening. Bringing the house to life will create a balance of beauty and health. The use of vibrant colors in flowers and home decor for the exterior front entrance and the back deck will surround our home perfectly. Additionally focusing on the health focal point in the house and aligning it with the needed change should bring much needed results.
The included reasoning behind each suggested update is very helpful to understand the purpose of the needed shifts. I especially appreciate the summary at the end of the report of helpful overall tips to help guide me.

Cynthia Gilbert.jpg

Cynthia, Designer

Working with Lisa to create positive changes in our homes energy has been a pleasure. She fit us into her schedule easily and provided a detailed report with suggestions and tips quickly. As I have begun making suggested adjustments a little at a time she has been available to guide me and support me. Lisa is kind, encouraging and patient. I would highly suggest working with her!

Jazmine's best.jpg

Jazmine, Realtor/ Certified Intrinsic Feng Shui Professional (CIFSP)

This knowledge of Feng Shui has definitely opened me up to all kinds of new experiences. The energy Lisa and Steve bring into the teachings is amazing, they have a graceful way of communicating and going over the lessons, it makes it very easy to understand and to flow with the knowledge. What attracted me to the school was the experience of both Steve and Lisa, the fact that they worked with Real Estate agents and Real Estate in general. The set up of the actual program was great because I could study at my own pace and reference back to materials as many times as possible, on top of that having Lisa coach me on a weekly basis gave me the support and guidance to know I was understanding the materials. Since the first week I started with the Feng Shui lessons , I experienced change in my home almost immediately like magic, I couldn’t believe it. For example my husband had been waiting for clients to get back to him about some proposals, within a week he had 5 clients accept his proposals even though they had said already they wanted to wait. That was unreal to me, it was as if an abundance faucet opened up. Also, he had applied for the PPL protection for the COVID-19 disaster relief; they had denied him. One week later  He got approved and he could keep his employees working. It has been unreal to be honest at times, but I know it's real because it's happening. Towards the end of my certification I felt anything could happen and there was no limit at all, I feel the goals that I set with the help of Lisa and Steve have created a shift in my confidence and my motivation in achieving unlimited success moving forward. I recommend Intrinsic School of Feng Shui to anyone that's looking to take their life to a much higher level. Love you Lisa and Steve, and thank you for all your support and love. 

kari l.jpg

Kari, CEO

Financial Management

Lisa did an amazing job with a VERY limited amount of time and a rather impactful and unplanned change to the (Office) space size. She created two supportive and beautifully designed offices for both me and my team and handled the entire process and also checked on me and visited the space before during and after (over the Christmas holiday break) to ensure all went as planned. People have been stopping by asking to take photos of my office for the last 9 months with no slow down for their social media and Pinterest pages!

The company values:


  1. Everything starts with energy. 

  2. Life is not meant to trudge through, we’re meant to THRIVE!

  3. Baltimore crab cakes are the ONE AND ONLY crab cake. 

  4. Choose connection over competition

  5. Always believe in your dreams 7343.5%



Don’t mess with my Feng Shui! ©

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