Ever wish you could have balance and abundance in your life?

Well, that’s what I do...

Lisa Alban, at your service!

I take a modern approach to Feng Shui so your home or business reflects your personality while still aligning the energy. 


With this philosophy, I help purpose-driven thought leaders transform their space from stagnant to a thriving and peaceful oasis.


One that avoids…

Superficial one size fits all “cures”


Making your home feel like the Spicy Dragon. 


Your resource guide to all things Feng Shui. 

Instead, we start with your goals and how you want to feel.  Then co-create together with the ancient wisdom to build a peaceful oasis that opens the flow to abundance and prosperity.  


Because modern Feng Shui should take into account today’s world and culture. 

My Story...

Confession time, allowing the flow of abundance and connecting to my environment didn’t always come easily to me.  


When I was young, I saw the flow and connection.  I’d move things around my room and I’d sleep better or I’d feel more at home. 


I saw my creativity soar when my studio was set a certain way.


I always paid attention to how things felt and allowed flow.  Always intuitively.

But it wasn’t until I tried to sell my home in 2013 that I realized I was missing something.  I’d done everything I thought I needed, and I thought it felt good.

But it sat on the market, no showings, no interest.  NOTHING.


I called a Feng Shui expert that I trusted.  With his simple cures, I changed a few things.  

Within 24 hours I got a full price offer.  


Feng Shui showed me what I was missing. 

Mind, body, AND environment need to be aligned.  

As a family, we began noticing nature and rhythms more.  We found routines within our family that allowed abundance, clarity, and peace to flow in our home.


I realized Feng Shui can make massive shifts with seemingly simple cures.  And I instantly knew my life’s path and passions were leading me to my purpose, helping others align with Feng Shui.  


After becoming certified I started the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui.  It’s not just a DIY course but a full tool kit on how to start a business helping others with Feng Shui.

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