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Ready to let go of chaos and overwhelm
and embrace a calm oasis that welcomes you with open arms?
Reflecting in the Meadow

When your home is balanced with energy, color, and nature your personality is able to shine through and you feel at ease. 


Your home is a reflection of you and when it’s balanced with ancient wisdom, you’re able to create a home that supports your dreams and need for an oasis. 


Imagine walking into your home after an exhausting day of work and instantly feeling a deep sense of relief sink into your bones.  You just landed the project of your dreams and the uncertainty of the future is long gone.


The foundation of my process are your goals and how you want to FEEL in your home.  From there I’ll give you guidance on how to take the ancient techniques and use them to create your own modern oasis that reflects your style and personality. 

The result is a home that feels relaxing and allows in the abundance you desire without you doing anything.  You can just be.  
The Modern Feng Shui Process


After an email introduction & payment of $ we schedule your Modern Feng Shui Assessment.


During our assessment we’ll discuss your goals and frustrations with life right now. 


You’ll guide me through your home (virtually or on-site), inside and out as we work through stagnant areas and how you want your home to feel. 


I’ll take our my notes and photos or our recorded call and build a comprehensive plan for your goals and the feel you want using Modern Feng Shui techniques of energy, color, and nature. 


I’ll create a report with all my ideas and “cures” for your home.


I also create a Pinterest board for inspiration.

All of the material is then sent via DropBox for you to keep.


Once you’ve gone through the material we meet virtually again to answer questions. 

From here we can discuss working in more detail on a specific project




if you need additional support in implementing the Feng Shui cures.

Psychologist Session
Design Sketch Desktop
Stones of Meaning

LeeAnne B.

The report is amazingly thorough and enlightening. Bringing the house to life will create a balance of beauty and health. The use of vibrant colors in flowers and home decor for the exterior front entrance and the back deck will surround our home perfectly. Additionally focusing on the health focal point in the house and aligning it with the needed change should bring much needed results.
The included reasoning behind each suggested update is very helpful to understand the purpose of the needed shifts. I especially appreciate the summary at the end of the report of helpful overall tips to help guide me.


Cynthia G.

Working with Lisa to create positive changes in our homes energy has been a pleasure. She fit us into her schedule easily and provided a detailed report with suggestions and tips quickly. As I have begun making suggested adjustments a little at a time she has been available to guide me and support me. Lisa is kind, encouraging and patient. I would highly suggest working with her! 


Jennefer E.

Lisa is amazing! She has a grounded, balanced nature about her and it shows in her work. She can intuitively look at a space and know how to improve the flow of positive energy.  As a client, the process is simple but the effects are stunning! The detailed report she gave me was very thorough and easy to understand, with pictures and ideas for improvements. I was able to pull items I already owned from other areas of the house, rearrange or change out items for a minimum dollar investment but maximum results. In most cases, I would have never thought to make the change or tone down/add certain colors on my own. The visual and energetic changes are beautiful. Much more soothing and relaxed. Everyone that comes into my house says it feels so calming, welcoming, and positive! I highly recommend Lisa! She's been available and in touch during the entire process. I am beyond happy with the transformation she's done with my space.  

You can continue to struggle to reach your goals and wonder why you can’t seem to organize anything.

Or you can schedule an assessment today and in just a few weeks' time be able to find your keys easily, sleep peacefully, and have a continuous flow of abundance.

You may be wondering, "What do I do next?

How do I get started?"

Fill out the form below to apply for an assessment.
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