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When we're operating under STRESS, imagine our aura fields becoming like swiss cheese, and that leaves us open to energy depletion, feeling attacked, or unwell.  


Through my unique way of working with Feng Shui, we can shift our aura field, plug the energy leaks, and amp up the abundance energy with a simple session.  


You're invited to ENERGY UPGRADE!  Virtual energy sessions to repair your energy leaks and raise your vibration so that you can achieve your goals faster and with more ease.


In each video session we'll set the stage for 

  • Clearing your space and your life force ("chi") so you can allow and receive exactly what you need to expand with fullness so you can face your issues with grace.

  • We’ll consult ancient wisdom and integrate modern applications so you can live in a more calm and abundant space that feels like you.


Because, after all, we’re living in a modern world; filled with distractions, fast-paced decision-making, and a practical lens that limits our intuitive abilities.

Adding Feng Shui recommendations into the equation can also prolong the work that you do and maintain your BEST energetic level. 


  • Personalized attention to your burning questions, so you leave the call feeling all the benefits of a deep-dive assessment, including a unique action plan.

  • Immediate Stress Reduction, so you have full capacity and clarity as you move forward; untethered.

  • Feng Shui Tips, that become part of your process. They're easy, fun, and will prolong your energy level.

  • Keepsake Video, so you don't have to take notes, and can watch our session over again; renewing your inspiration.

VIP Energy Upgrade Deep Dive 10 Pack

  • I will reach out to you personally to sync up our calendars and schedule your session via email.

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