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Feng Shui


- Bi-Monthly Group Mastermind Calls
- Virtual and Electronic Modalities
- I Ching, Spiritual Dowsing, Intuition
- Q & A - Personal and Professional Development
- Manifestation Support and Frequency Calibration
- Collaborative Events and Business Marketing Support
- A Vault of Valuable Spiritual Teachings, Energy Sessions and Business Tools

Now Accepting Interviews

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I am a Feng Shui Master and Quantum Energy Alignment Practitioner. I live in sunny Florida, own a Quantum Feng Shui consultancy, and I'm the Co-Founder of the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui, where I train, certify and mentor others to create their own unique Feng Shui business. 


I have answered a calling to share my gifts with the world in a way that elevates lightworkers. My calling was received on a Supermoon in February of 2019, when I birthed my own son and caught him, unplanned, beneath the moon and the oak tree in my backyard. It was at that moment, that I had survived one of my worst fears and knew that I was more powerful than I gave myself credit for. Fun fact: 7 women within a 5-mile radius had spontaneous births that evening!


I felt it was a loud message from the universe to stop living in fear of the unknown, embrace my intuitive gifts, and live in authenticity. I no longer fit in the corporate world. It felt too small. Three weeks after my son's birth, I launched my consultancy, met my friend and Co-Founder, and opened the school.

I feel aligned to High Vibe Entrepreneurial Women and it lights me up to be able to affirm for my clients and students that they have strong intuition, and there is more to life than what we can see with our eyes. When we live a life of intention, find and return to our center, our place of alignment; we are better able to navigate life's adversities with ease. 





During the Pandemic, I trusted my guides and universal signs, and that helped me to develop my signature system of Energy Upgrades. I incorporated all these elements with Feng Shui to help amplify, maintain, and support our energies after calibration.

I enjoy supporting the collective and engaging with as many people as possible. Once I receive an invitation from someone in my energy, I am able to assess and guide them in a deep and meaningful way that nourishes their soul and their surroundings. 

Life is too beautiful to live only on the surface. Won’t you join me for your next level of being?

If you have a Facebook Profile, and you consider yourself to be a High Vibe Entrepreneurial Woman, I invite you to join my closed and private Facebook Group! Inside you'll meet and interact with more likeminded women, and you'll get to learn more about my practices and unique system.

"Life is too beautiful to only live on the surface."

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Schedule your Discovery Call/ interview prior to enrolling.



**Early bird pricing through 7/31*

Cancel at anytime - with 2 weeks notice in writing



in full

($70/ month)

**Early bird pricing through 7/31**

Buy into 1 year, receive
1 month for FREE!

Plus BONUS 1:1 Deep-Dive (value $333)

Cancel at anytime - with 2 weeks notice in writing



This exclusive, sacred circle is for those who already know the importance of life force energy, recognize intention and intuition, and are ready to up-level and expand with a circle of high-vibe women with exciting goals and life path journeys. 

*Meet bi-monthly for approximately 60 minutes on Fridays at 12:30pm EDT

*Sessions are recorded for playback

*Engage in guided discussion, engage in my signature method of energy calibration using ancient and modern modalities - including electronic frequencies, virtual connection, ancient I Ching and spiritual dowsing

*You may be called upon to share your modality to enrich the session

*Receive access to a password protected folder containing recordings, exclusive teachings and research that no one else (including students and clients) in my circle shares


*Sacred circle with like-minded high vibe women, change makers and thought leaders

*Deeper level of interaction and support 

*Participants have manifested houses, relationships, business ideas, clarity.

Each session is stress-reducing, nourishing, and fun!

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Rachael Weaver - CEO at Cloud 9 Marketing

I decided to join the Energy Upgrade Mastermind because while I understand and practice law of attraction, Human Design and manifestation,
I still had a hard time regulating my emotions and energy.  I would try to positive think my way out
of bad energy or journal, but nothing ever really helped.  There was something much bigger than
a simple positive thought or sage burning could fix. After every session I feel lighter and calmer than before.  And every session builds on the last. 

I can handle adversity with a calm knowing. 
I notice the energy around me and I don't allow
it to penetrate as deeply as I once did. Lisa's work is powerful.  She holds space for what's happening in the 3D while inspiring you to the 5D. 
If you're ready to master your energy then
you need to be in this mastermind!

Visionary Business Design_website.png

Michelle Pineiro - Feng Shui Practitioner
& Business consultant

The universe always provides for us in divine timing, and that is exactly how I was connected with Lisa. She is magical in the way she holds space for you energetically, and she has many tools to help increase your energy personally and collectively. Being invited into her mastermind group
has shifted my whole energy field and also connected me with a group of amazing
and like minded women!
Since joining this mastermind, I have gained 3 new clients in
a business that I hadn't even officially started! Each session lifts me higher than the last and truly gives me a sense of belonging and peace.
I would not pass up the opportunity to be a part
of this special group of women! 

Samantha Thompson_website.png

Samantha Thompson

I absolutely love the Energy Upgrade mastermind.
I joined to be around other women who were having
a high-level conversation around energetics, emotions, healing & manifestation.
This group is like nothing I’ve ever been a part of. It’s like best friends gathering to chat, share a small bit of their magic & uplevel their energy fields all within an hour.


This mastermind has allowed me to network with other like-minded women but also regularly clear
my energy field and infuse it with lots of yummy, abundant high-vibes.


Lisa is amazing at explaining what goes on in
a mastermind session and she’s an excellent reader
of the energy and the I Ching. Highly recommend
her work!

Dee Oujiri_website.png

Dee Oujiri
Feng Shui and Reiki Professional

Our spiritual journeys are very personal

but having
a tribe
of like-minded ladies lifting you is essential.  Lisa's group is grounding and lifting. 
I discover something new after each session, something that makes me look inside and think a little differently.  I end the sessions feeling absolutely amazing.

The energy work that Lisa does touches
your soul.  If you want to be surrounded by an incredible tribe, this is for you!

I appreciate you and your work!

Thank you!!!

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