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Turn your space into a balanced oasis
that’s authentically YOU. 

Is anxiety keeping you up at night? 

Download the free roadmap to Feng Shui your bedroom for the BEST SLEEP you’ve ever had.


Modern Feng Shui takes the wisdom of the ancients and blends it with modern life while focusing on your personal goals and aspirations. 

Modern Feng Shui for thought leaders and seekers.

Ancient harmony for modern living

With Feng Shui opportunities and  synchronicities FIND YOU and affirm you're on the right path to SUCCESS and HAPPINESS. 

As a thought leader and seeker, holistic wellness is what you strive for. 


But lately things feel stagnant


You’re tired of never meeting your goals and overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list. 








Maybe you’ve even tried to Feng Shui your space from a free Pinterest download. Or put crystals in every room with a salt lamp for extra flare.



Creative Thoughts
  • How can I stay organized when I can’t find my kitchen table?


  • How can I lead my team in a productive, inspiring way that boosts morale?


  • What can I do to create a space that is calm and relaxing after a long day?

Public Speaker

Could Feng Shui really help me?

Through my unique approach of balancing energy, color, and nature, we’re able to shed chaos, anxiety, and dread for a calm and energizing oasis. 


And all without making your home or office feel like you stepped into

The Spicy Dragon.

Living Room with Artwork.JPG
Your unique goals are the most important piece and the Feng Shui “cures” are built around that. 
I want your personality or company culture to be what people notice most. 
Feng Shui supports your goals and aspirations.  

Hi I’m Lisa, founder of Cloud 9 Feng Shui.


I help purpose-driven thought leaders transform their space from stagnant chaos to a thriving and peaceful oasis.  


My mission is to bring the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui to our modern world in unique and authentic ways that speak to you without making your space feel oriental.


Every space I walk into, I secretly want to add my Feng Shui formula and can instantly see how simple shifts would make a HUGE difference. 


And my toddler is well versed in color theory.


Feng Shui has been the catalyst

to more JOY, ABUNDANCE, and PEACE in my life. 

It is my gift to give it back to the world.


Karen MC, Ontario

Lisa was amazing from the minute we met. I knew instantly Lisa was the right person for this job. I reached out to Lisa for assistance with Feng Shui for our home. Lisa responded immediately, was gracious and approachable.


Kristin B., Florida

Excellent company - very well run. Ideas are fresh, well researched and well communicated. Lisa is extremely responsive and creative, and has excellent eye for design and color. Her work made our project not only better, but also smoother, faster and much more fun. Highly recommend.


Karen C., Virginia

We had THE BEST experience with Cloud 9. We were in a crunch to sell our house for an upcoming job transfer. I reached out to Lisa for ideas on how to stage to sell. She was able to fit us in with a consult that week, gave us a detailed (read: amazing) consultation report. The report was individualized to our home using mostly things I already owned or were easy and inexpensive to acquire. The best part about our experience was that (wait for it...) the very next couple that saw our house bought it! I was blown away by Lisa’s expertise, professionalism and positive energy! We are all settled in our new home thanks to Cloud 9.


Dee M. (CCIM) Florida

If you are a Realtor, listen up. I’m a commercial broker and I recently asked Lisa to perform a Feng Shui Real Estate Consultation on a difficult office/warehouse property. It had been listed for several months with little activity. Wow, she delivered. Lisa did her homework and researched my listing through public records, previous marketing efforts, web sites and such. By the time we met on site for her consultation, she had completed 3-D modeling examples for the space and was ready to go. She spent more than 2 hours on site and examined it room by room. Feng Shui includes a unique space clearing and real estate ritual that Lisa can better explain than me. Ultimately, she completed a 14-page audit of the entire parcel, the building, its signage, landscaping and much more. The easy-to-understand report offered my sellers great insight to improve the energy around the asset and eliminate its distractions. Most of Lisa’s recommendations were easy to implement and highly effective. Bottom line: I had three interested parties who toured the property within the first week after the consultation and two competing offers. We are scheduled to close next month with a backup waiting in the wings. I highly recommend Lisa for any residential or commercial property owner or real estate professional.

Ready to Feng Shui your space?

Feng Shui for Home

Feng Shui your home to open up for more abundance and prosperity in your life.

From a single space to your entire home, Feng Shui is your go-to for balance and positive energy.

Feng Shui for Business

Feng Shui your office space or the entire property. From the physical space to your company branding. Feng Shui will help you reach your financial goals, keep employees thrilled to work with you and clients engaged.

Glass Buildings

DIY Feng Shui

Curious how you can Feng Shui on your own?

Learn from Red-Ribbon Certified Feng Shui Professionals and receive Gold Standard training; as deemed by the International Feng Shui Guild.

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